The Tuesday Night Marathon

The Mechanics' Tuesday Night Marathon (TNM) has a rich tradition that dates back at least 30 years. The idea of playing serious chess one night a week has appealed to a broad range of players from Senior Master to beginner, who find the time commitment fits their schedule quite comfortably. Today we think of eight rounds as the normal duration for a TNM, but that has not always been the case. In 1975 they played 12 rounds per tournament. Recently the Marathon switched to having sudden death for the second time control. It was probably the last tournament in the world to still feature adjourned games, the rest of the chess community having given up the practice years ago due to the rise in playing strength of computers. The Mechanics' Institute still has several hundred adjourned move envelopes, which will no doubt become collector's items.

The TNM not only provides strong competition for players ranging in strength from Master to beginner, it's also very affordable with an entry fee of $50 for eight/nine USCF rated games. The Marathon is a perfect fit for those who can't commit an entire weekend to chess. No matter what your strength, the Tuesday Night Marathon might be the right tournament for you!

— IM John Donaldson, Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Director and TNM TD

2019 Winter Tuesday Night Marathon

January 8th – February 26th

#NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Tot
1Conrado Diaz23432344W54W38 2.0
2Elliott Winslow23182319W86W39 2.0
3Win Aung Ye22292231W55W40 2.0
4Russell Wong22002202W56W41 2.0
5Natalya Tsodikova21852187W59W43 2.0
6Aleksandr Ivanov21712173W60W44 2.0
7Ethan Kazanjian Boldi21342136W87W47 2.0
8Steven Gaffagan20542057W61W46 2.0
9David Benjamin Askin20192022W62W52 2.0
10Michael Askin19931997W63W48 2.0
11Michael Walder19701974W64W53 2.0
12Michael K Lum19411950W80W72 2.0
13Daniel McKellar18721876W67W58 2.0
14Jonah Busch17991799X93X34 2.0
15Romulo C Fuentes22002201H---W73 1.5
16Kristian Clemens20022005H---W74 1.5
17Cailen Melville19541955W65H--- 1.5
18Guy Argo19091900W66D30 1.5
19Thomas F Maser19071911H---W75 1.5
20Felix Rudyak18921894H---W78 1.5
21Steven Krasnov18761879H---W76 1.5
22Gianluca Pane18631866H---W77 1.5
23Tam Phu Pham18331834W89H--- 1.5
24Joel Marcus18331834W90H--- 1.5
25Andre Persidsky18141813D28W79 1.5
26Robert Drane18001801H---W81 1.5
27Andrew Yun17801781W69H--- 1.5
28Alexander Perlov17201725D25X84 1.5
29Danny Quang17191727H---W82 1.5
30Daniel E Francis16071623W101D18 1.5
31Nicholas Latourette13471433W37H--- 1.5
32Nate Bakerunr.1150H---W85 1.5
33Karl Buchnerunr.1511H---W94 1.5
34Adam Corper21932194W57F14 1.0
35Kevin W Kuczek20031993H---D49 1.0
36James Wonsever19161906H---D50 1.0
37Michael Anderson19031875L31W83 1.0
38Christian Jensen18571856W88L1 1.0
39John Harris18541853W68L2 1.0
40Sos Hakobyan18291827W91L3 1.0
41Gagik Babayan18061804W92L4 1.0
42Rafik Robeal17161716H---H--- 1.0
43Adam Mercado17141713W95L5 1.0
44Jacob Sadowsky17031702W96L6 1.0
45Jerry L Mays17001682D70H--- 1.0
46Juan Cendejas16861683W97L8 1.0
47Sam Greene16721671W94L7 1.0
48Martin A Cortinas16661661W98L10 1.0
49Joshua D Lamstein16551673H---D35 1.0
50Alex Pierre Lilles16221638H---D36 1.0
51Jayden Xu16191612L72W88 1.0
52Michael Abraham16091606W100L9 1.0
53James I Matz16011597W102L11 1.0
54Nick Casares Jr16001603L1W89 1.0
55John Chan15601563L3W91 1.0
56Nicholas Boldi15211525L4W90 1.0
57Tony Cole15201523L34W93 1.0
58Jerry Simpkins15081503W99L13 1.0
59Joel Carron14911495L5W92 1.0
60Jerry Morgan14911493L6W96 1.0
61Clarence Harris14691470L8W97 1.0
62Christopher Bradley14271430L9W95 1.0
63Robert H Frank14261425L10W98 1.0
64Charles Cunningham14141413L11W100 1.0
65Sophie Adams14061404L17W99 1.0
66Jahaan Ansari13901389L18W101 1.0
67Renate Otterbach12811282L13W102 1.0
68Barry Capdeville12191296L39W86 1.0
69Don Chambers11271208L27W87 1.0
70Alex Mendes Da Costa9901040D45H--- 1.0
71Jon Cendejas952952H---H--- 1.0
72William Patrick Zellerunr.1781W51L12 1.0
73Walter Lesquillier17501747H---L15 0.5
74David Rakonitz16441631D82L16 0.5
75Andy Kim16041598H---L19 0.5
76Albert Mart Starr15001495H---L21 0.5
77Ganesh Mathrubootham14991494H---L22 0.5
78Jordan Wingenroth14421439H---L20 0.5
79Charles James14191414H---L25 0.5
80Michael Hilliard14041402L12H--- 0.5
81Mehron Edwar Abdi10691068H---L26 0.5
82Michael Lintzunr.1478D74L29 0.5
83Erik Birdsallunr.750H---L37 0.5
84Romulo Silvestreunr.750H---F28 0.5
85Andrew Robb Whiteunr.350H---L32 0.5
86Richard Newey16001565L2L68 0.0
87Michael A Baer14881450L7L69 0.0
88Aaron Soffer12601252L38L51 0.0
89Peter Rushton11861180L23L54 0.0
90Timothy Bayaraa11751168L24L56 0.0
91Hadi Tabatabai11491143L40L55 0.0
92Ashkon Tabatabai11381131L41L59 0.0
93Gabriel Enkhjargal11351129F14L57 0.0
94Wassim Nassif11191112L47L33 0.0
95Christopher Derleth10601053L43L62 0.0
96Steven Dunlap10571051L44L60 0.0
97George Sullivan958954L46L61 0.0
98Josiah Soffer799797L48L63 0.0
99Robert R Bryan429428L58L65 0.0
100Aiza Golledgeunr.750L52L64 0.0
101Victor Hugo Reyesunr.750L30L66 0.0
102Walt Dubenskyunr.750L53L67 0.0